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Sprinkle Salt

Being in the Salt Manufacturing business for 100 years we are committed in producing and supplying the best quality Salt in the world.

About Us

About Us

We are a leading salt producer in South India, who are in the salt manufacturing business since 1917. Our Salt pans are located on the shores of the Indian Ocean. The company was the first in South India to manufacture Iodised Salt. We are one of the pioneers in manufacturing solar salt, byproducts of salt and a wide range of chemicals in India. The passion for excellence and desire for growth and development has kept the company on top of its competitors. Sprinkle salt was launched in the year 1985. Sprinkle has evolved with time and upgraded itself in each stage of development. We also undertake bulk orders and supply our salt to big Multi National Companies.   

Our Process

Our Process

Step 1

1 ) Salt water pumped out of the sea

Step 2

2) Channeled into resavoirs

Step 3

3) Water evaporated in salt pans by Sun's heat

Step 5

5) Poclain used to transfer raw salt on to lorries

Step 6

6) Raw salt is sent to our refinery

Step 4

4) Tractor harvests the Salt from our salt pans

Step 7

7) Salt unloaded into the hopper

Step 7

8) Salt is washed

Step 9

9) Salt is dried and refined by our fluidised bed drier

Step 11

11) Frequent checks are conducted in our lab to ensure high quality standards

Step 12

12) Sprinkle products are ready for Sale

Step 10

10) Salt is packed by our automated machine



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Sprinkle Crystal Iodised Salt

Sprinkle Crystal Salt is natural and unrefined salt that retains a number of essential trace elements such as Calcium, Magnesium etc. It enables the body to metabolise the salt efficiently and maintain a healthy level of electrolytes. Available in 1kg laminated pouches 

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Sprinkle Crystal

Iodised Salt

Sprinkle Iodised Crystal Salt adds taste and health to you recipes. Packed in LDPE Pouches available

 in both 500gm and 1kg

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Sprinkle Premium Iodised Salt 250 Gms

This is a one of our new launches which is available in 250Gms packing. Easy to carry and convenient to use.  

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Sprinkle Low Sodium Salt

Sprinkle Active contains 15% lower sodium than regular table salt. A low sodium diet is said to aid in the healthy management of high blood pressure. Sprinkle Active retains the flavour of regular table salt with an added health benefit. Available in 1kg pouches.

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Sprinkle Refined Premium Iodised Salt

Enriched with active life iodine, ensures a mentally and physically active life, especially for growing children and pregnant women. Available in 500gm's and 1kg pouches.



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M. Abdul Nazar 

We have been doing the distribution of Sprinkle brand of salts for the last 27 years. From our experience we can say with no doubt that Sprinkle salt holds the first place in market with regard to quality as well as in turnover.

Alex Joseph 


We developed great relationship with Sprinkle Salt over the last six years. I appreciate their creative approach. Their supply abilities even during monsoon season is incredible. 99% on time delivery record. We never had complaints from our customer.

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A. Jeyaseelan 

Business with Sprinkle is done on a atmosphere of mutual trust. Over the years Sprinkle has consistently delivered quality product. Our congratulations and best wishes for their future.    


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